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Microsite Systems


If you’re trying to make the case for each product, service, audience and location in a single website, you know that it is nearly impossible (especially if you have diverse service lines!). With a Story Collaborative microsite system, we can deliver a personalized experience and focused message for every location and niche you serve.


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Use the approach that big brands use to grow


With a microsite system that is easy-to-update and deploys rapidly, it gives you advantages that are only found at the enterprise level.


Launch new products or services quickly
Present a focused message that answers your prospect questions quickly
Boost advertising outcomes by putting al the answers in front of them when they click
Create rapid, data-driven impact to support new service lines or pivots
Solve for employee recruiting or customer service pain points by creating a focused microsite
Launch new products or service lines with A/B testing and response measurements
Launch more quickly in a new community with a site that says, “local”
Deploy new sites with all the marketing tools you need for growth
Empower marketers while IT retains security controls
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Microsites are a big-company strategy that you can use, too

Microsites are a tactic used by large companies who know effective marketing. They know that they need to deliver targeted and powerful messages to a specific audience if they want a strong response. Small and medium-sized businesses can use the same strategy when we provide a microsite built on the HubSpot CMS.


Take Adobe's microsite, for example, mycreativetype.com.


microsite example - adobe-2

What's a microsite system?

The ability to launch and manage multiple microsite websites that focuses your message and customer offers for a specific product, service, location or audience.


Like Frito-Lay's direct-to-consumer site snacks.com.


microsite example - fritolay

We’ll extend your brand story to system of microsites that you can customize quickly

We’ll create a master microsite from which you’ll be able to deploy as many additional on-brand sites as you need. Marketers won’t need a developer to create beautiful, powerful microsites that are high performing. Costs will range between $12,000 and $20,000 to deploy the system, at just a fraction of the cost of most enterprise systems, with options to start with more than one microsite.

Find out how a microsite can boost your marketing.


microsite hubspot capabilities-2


You’ll get an all-in-one system that includes everything you need to capture leads, save time with automation and personalize the entire experience.

With all the security, content distribution, testing and tracking that you need, the microsite system will provide “smart websites” that auto-populate forms, personalize calls to action and content to allow you to launch microsites on mulitiple  domains.

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A Story Microsite System delivers agile and beautiful microsites that solve for new products & services, multi-location growth, and employee or customer service needs.

Remove the development bottleneck and turn marketers loose to improve the quality of ads, show up better in local search, and create data-driven improvements that will propel your services, products and locations.

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Is a microsite system right for you?

Yes, if you need growth in one of these areas:

  • New location or location that needs to grow
  • Reach a niche target audience
  • Diverse products or services with niche appeal
  • Quickly launch new products or services
  • Test new product or service
  • Build additional search rankings
  • Complex sales or value proposition
  • Employee recruiting and showcase culture or benefits
  • Improve customer service, customer success or onboarding
  • More than one brand name for same product or service
  • Special or significant event
  • Ecommerce promotion 
  • Stronger advertising performance

It could be, if you are in one of these industries:

  • Multi-location businesses
  • School Admissions for college, private school, school key grades or program
  • College or program within a university
  • Funeral preneeds
  • Funeral cremation services
  • Home care employee recruiting
  • Multi-location senior living or homecare
  • Multi-location nonprofit, therapeutic or foster care
  • Service business with multiple locations
  • Diversification or test product from an existing business
  • A municipality that wants high security, but easy updates for various departments
  • Financial services institution with a niche product or new location
  • Pre-sales for a new senior living facility

take the quiz to see how much microsites could benefit you

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Microsite Benefit Quiz

When is it not the right fit?

If you don't have multiple products & services, audiences or locations, then a microsite system may not be a good fit for you. Consider how much of your business is being sold to people who represent niche audiences or locations with specific interests. Could presenting a focused message with complete answers and options for that niche improve sales? The answer will help determine if the microsite system would work for you.

If you really need a big catalog of services and products with more than 20 SKU's on each site, the microsite system is not a good fit.

Your Brand Story is firmly in your hands.

We believe that your Brand Story is best managed by your own team. An authentic Brand Story is drawn from the expertise of your staff and the experiences of your customers. If you want to empower your staff in the use of an easy-to-manage microsites as they promote, sell, make updates and track progress, then a microsite system may be a good fit. We recommend training along with the microsite system If you’d rather have everything done after the master microsite completed by an outside team, then this approach may not be a good fit for you.


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