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High Performance Websites

You need a website that consistently delivers new customers

Your website may have come from an agency, or may have been built internally, but there’s a good chance it isn’t delivering the leads that you really need. Get a modern website that is beautifully designed, effective at helping visitors become customers, and is powered by enterprise-level technology.


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Relaunch fast and relaunch strong

You shouldn’t have to wait through a long process to get a new website that isn’t ready to perform. But that's what we settle for with traditional approaches to web-redesign. And, they're often obsolete from the day they are launched. They take 3-6 months to build and don’t have the tools needed to create growth. A performance website can launch in 6 weeks, fully-configured with SEO, lead conversion, plus all the tools your marketers need.

When you combine a modern web development process with the power of a fully SaaS empowered website system, you step up to a whole new breed of website. It's one of the essential first steps to crafting a new growth story!
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David Mills, Chief Growth Officer
Story Collaborative

Get a powerful new performance website that engages customers and saves time

We believe that you don't have to settle for anything less than the full modern web experience. Instead of low to no performance, you can have a website that delivers effective marketing that your team loves and your customers respond to.


Built with your goals and brand story

We start with your growth goals, identifying the key parts of your brand story and the most important pages you need to draw and convert customers. 

A Performance Website is designed to rapidly launch with high-converting pages that lay the foundation to reach your business goals. 

SEO, tracking tools, and powerful conversion tools designed and working to meet the outcomes you need.

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Your website should attract visitors and help them become leads.

You need both effective SEO and the ability to convert visitors to leads. 

The website you deploy should have built-in SEO, tracking, conversion tools, and be directly linked to customer lead records with automatic nurturing.

We’ll deliver a website that is fully-equipped and has the power to consistently deliver on these vital roles. An all-in-one website isn't really optional if you want to put your website to work. Your customers expect something seamless and personalized, and with a Performance Website you can deliver on that need.

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Your website should be working 24/7 to tell your brand story.

The right kind of website creates the impression that visitors won’t forget. With a beautiful design and smart features, your marketing job becomes faster and easier.  Your website can have it all:  beauty, effective lead generation, plus the full suite of tools (like SEO, customer relationship manager, attribution tracking, and top-level security and back-up). 

If you’re settling for just a fraction of what a modern website can do, Story Collaborative can rapidly deliver a powerful new Performance Website built on the HubSpot CMS.

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A microsite should include all the tools you need

Not only do you need to answer all of your prospect’s questions, but you also need your microsite to be fully operational and equipped with the tools to convert visitors to customers. 

The microsite you deploy should have built-in SEO, tracking, conversion tools, and link directly to customer lead records with automatic nurturing.

We’ll deliver a microsite that is fully-equipped and has the power to consistently get the job done with HubSpot CMS.

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Is a performance site right for you?

Your redesigned website will perform better that what you have right away, and set the stage for growth.

We’ll build web content to create pages that really convert. That means we’ll launch lean and fast. Once the site is live we'll shift to the Growth Driven Design Process in which we'll data and customer behaviors to help you continually improve the site.  You’ll be able to create as many pages as you like from the performance templates we provide and we'll know what else should be added or adjusted for better performance.

Performance means lean, fast and effective.

It doesn't make sense to spend design and development time rebuilding pages that are never visited or used. By starting with a high impact roadmap that builds from what is working, your performance site will update and modernize your best content and pages to create a high-converting website. Because the site includes landing pages, A/B testing and on-board CRM integration (along with lots of other tools), your site will launch fast with a brand new level of lead conversion power.

When is it not the right fit?

If you’re planning a large low-performing website that you can set and forget, or one built slowly in which the redesign replicates all content no matter how effective, a Performance site may not be a great fit for you. Performance sites use a fast-launch approach in which high-performing content is added and improved - no dead weight. Learn more about this compared to traditional large-scale rebuilds.

Or, if you're not interested in equipping your internal team, but would rather outsource all future changes to an outside team, then this approach may not be a good fit for you. Performance Websites are designed for fast and easy-updates, to avoid reliance upon outside developers.

If what you want is mostly a digital billboard that remains static over time, then the Performance site isn't the right approach for it. The Performance website is designed to be the first step in a continuously improving growth cycleat is data and customer driven. This is the Growth Driven Design process that follows the launch of the Performance Website.


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