What’s Next? Create Personas

Personas are fictional characters that are created by taking all the key characteristics from your best customers and creating a composite. Their preferences, schedules, hobbies, styles, as well as the more detailed demographic characteristics, are all put together along with communication channels like email and Facebook to create a persona. The persona should have a name and other specific characteristics that represent the very center of your marketing target. This persona should be written and have a life story that helps you and those in your team to think about them whenever your plan marketing activities and strategies.

  • Decision maker who decides to purchase your services (often an adult child).
  • Leaders or managers who make referrals from institutions.
  • The ideal employee.
  • People who make personal referrals because they appreciate your services to them.

Persona development is a critical step in effective marketing because it brings into clear focus how your organization can meet the needs and priorities of customers along with employees.

Create your customer persona(s) – Use the Marketing Tool

Use the persona tool to answer key questions about the lifestyle, preferences, needs and communication style of the customers you want to reach. Talk with existing and potential customers as you answer the questions. Create synoposis of all of these responses in a written persona document.


Get the Buyer Persona Template

The finished persona will allow you to review each part of your marketing strategy to see how this ideal customer would respond


Create an employee persona.

To create an employee persona, identify the key characteristics of great employees using the persona guide. Using this information you will be able to tailor the content imagery and marketing outlets that you use for recruiting. When you add inbound marketing to the persona (more below), you will build powerful new ways to attract the best employees.

How personas improve employee recruiting

While we usually think of marketing as something that is focused on finding new customers, the other critical marketing focus area is recruiting employees. You should also develop a persona for employees.


Persona image


Now create a referral persona (or two)

Referrals don’t happen by accident – they are cultivated and requested based upon the reputation and experience that people have with your organization. A persona for individual referrals, and also one for institutional referrals, can help you target and communicate with referral sources more consistently with better results.
Action step- complete your personas. A key step toward improving all marketing is to have a deeper understanding about your targeted customers. This is accomplished through market research and the development of buyer personas. If you aren’t able to complete this work, then get help from an agency. This process, when completed by an agency, like Story, will also involve market research which can deepen the insight and the effectiveness of your marketing. Getting started, you should have detailed personas, that you and your staff complete.